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General Mach Discussion / my z axis going out of balance
« on: November 03, 2013, 02:22:28 PM »
hi there,

first i am new to CNC stuff

after i got all my vector and my cnc working great ! i notice some problem in Z axis maybe a small fix but i just dont know how to fix it

i am engraving a panel for one of project and the machine need to engrave the word ON and the word OFF (its gonna be a back lighted panel )
i notice that when i zero my Z axis and start the mach 3 G-Code the first letter (ON) it engrave it fine but you can see that during the engraving process the z going deeper and deeper during the process the Z axis show the correct depth of engraving (o.100 mm) but definitely its going deeper as the working progress
any idea please HELP me:)

Thank You

General Mach Discussion / objects not in the correct size
« on: November 01, 2013, 05:34:44 PM »
hi there,

i am new to this CNC stuff and i have question

in the detail of my machine  it say that the machine can engrave material in size of 275mm by 385mm ok so i open my coral draw program and make a new document by this size (275mm X 385mm ) which approximately 15inch by 10inch i draw in big letters

CNC (3 lines)

i save it in dxf (from the coral draw)  and convert it to g code (i use cut2d program)  when i am loading it to the mach3 i can see only the FI (front the FIRST) and the CN (from the CNC ) how can i set the engraving space to be larger so i can see all my drawing like it need to be ? is it the DPI from the coral draw? setting in mach3 please HELP me :) thank you

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