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General Mach Discussion / soft limits out of range
« on: October 18, 2013, 01:13:33 PM »
My router has a useable table size of x16 inches by y24 inches. I don't have any limit switches.
My part created in Mastercam is X13 inches by Y17 inches.
After setting the soft limits to be several inches larger than my part, I then tried to activate the soft limits switch.
I got a message that the soft limits are out of range.
On the upper right corner of the toolpath screen in the "program limits" window it shows that the limits for the X axis are -375.8937 +4.4860.
I have 3 other parts (all created in Mastercam) thatl show equally goofy program limits measurements.
I have no problem machining the parts; I just don't have the safety of knowing I have soft limits.
Does anybody have a solution?

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