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General Mach Discussion / USB Motion Card and not cutting to right size!
« on: August 28, 2013, 07:23:11 PM »
Hello Mach3 helpers,

I have a problem using my Carving-cnc machine that has a Xulifeng USB motion card controller.

I am trying to mill out a rectangle which is 130mm x 56mm. I need to cut 40x of these out of 4.5mm thick material.

But I have a problem, every rectangle is coming out a different size! The difference is +/- 2mm! Some of the rectangles don't even have square corners.

I have setup the motor tuning using the calculator on this site, however this hasn't seemed to help. I'm feeling a bit lost as there seems to be no support for the Xulifeng USB motion card controller.

Any help from others who may have had contact with this card or have heard of similar problems please post your experiences.

Please Help,

Mike, NZ

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