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Modbus / Mach3 ModBus Digital Inputs/ Outputs Controlling.
« on: September 03, 2017, 03:46:28 AM »
Hello Friends

i just want to know, what is the maximum Digital  I/O's i can configure By ModBus??
is it only 64 in and 64Out??

in my machine i have about 18 Slaves  mouduls that each one has 8In an 8 Out  and each one has an adress by the DIP switch working With RS-485.

For sure, i dont have 104 Inputs and 104 Output but the configration of the machine is like this.

also let me know how to access these I/O by VBA Macros, i Mean how to read input and how to activate an Output By VBA Macros!!

please send me some examples or the function Syntax in VBA for this.

i will be happy if any body can help me and i will really appriciate this.

Modbus / ModBus speed and Homing Switch/ limitswitch inputs
« on: August 30, 2017, 03:14:54 AM »
Dear All,

i want to use to modBus for Mappping Home/ limitswitch  inputs.

is the the response speed of the all system is recommended for this function??

somebudy told methat  its not recommended to do homing/ limitswitch because of the little Delay !

please ley me know your idea!

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