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I new here on this forum so I'm going introduce myself quickly: I'm a 25-year old engineer from Belgium and recently I changed to Mach3 because the other CNC programs I worked with (DinCNC, PCNC) didn't support the use of more than 3 axes on the same time.
Last week, I noticed a problem: at the start of my milling program the mill is standing off 1 mm of the workpiece in the Y-direction. At the end of the milling program I return to the same start position (correctly programmed)  but in reality the mill is standing off more than 1 mm.
So I programmed a simple program in which the mill moves away 2 mm of the workpiece and than returns to its start position. Yet, the same problem occurs. I thought, maybe the speed is too high, but lowering the speed gave still the same results.
Is this a known problem? Is this caused by the change in direction (+Y directly followed by -Y) or is there some parameter I have to adjust? Entering a backlash ain't going to be the solution I guess (compensation by the move in the two directions).

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