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Dear All.
I wrote a script that picks up my tools from 1-8, moves to a fixed probe plate, probes each tool, twice.

Then I update the Tool length offset with: SetToolParam(x, 2, yy.yyy)
Now the Tool length offset DRO is updated, and if I open up the tool database, then all tool length offsets are correct.

When I exit MACH3, I'm NOT promted to save the Tool Table, and all changes are lost.

Only if I manually update the DRO and/or manually change in the Tool Table.
Then I'm being prompted to save the Tool Table.

Is there a checkmark I missed in a menu somewhere, or is this a know bug or ?

Dear All.

I'm fairly new to this VB, but getting the hang of it.

Now I need to do an axis move until an (oem)input becomes active
On the net I found 2 commands "SystemWaitFor()" and "IsActive()" now which one to use correctly ?

Was thinking of making a While-loop with the "IsActive" ?

2) In the documentation I found that the ToolLength "SetToolParam(toolnum,2,yy) where yy must be a positive value ?
Is this true ? or can I use negative values also ?

Best Regards, Bo Andersen.

Tangent Corner / ?: Differential line driver IC's
« on: December 27, 2014, 01:38:42 AM »
Dear Forum.

I want to make a DIY PCB converting the 5V single ended outputs / 24V proximity switches. Into 24v differential signals, and back again.

So I'm looking for an IC that has 5-24 input capability, and 24V diff. output.

Anybody bee doing something similar ?

Best Regards, Bo Andersen.

Dear Forum.

I'm quite new to ESS coming from Par Port.
So the ESS is hooket up, and running, simply replaced the cables to the 2 BOB's and, set the frequency and re-tuned the motors. That's it !

I also have an PoKeys 56U (USB connection) connected to a DIY operating panel.
Here I have a Push button  "Reset" that via the Pokeys give the OEM code 1021 which is "Reset"
This has been working fine with the Par-Port setup.

Changing to ESS. It seems that a "Limit flag" is set in the ESS, constantly triggering the E-stop of the system. (I can hear the computer speaker, constant beep every 4.th second) that it E-stops.
I cannot use the OEM code to Clear that limit flag, only the mouse click on the "Reset" on the screen, clears that flag.
Then my push button works, via the OEM code 1021.

Is this a bug or feature in ESS, that after a limit switch is hit, then a "double-click" on Reset is needed ?
Is there another way ?

Best Regards, Bo Andersen.

Dear All.
I guess you could call this a luxury problem.

I have a functioning router table, of a gantry type. It's all driven by 3-phase steppers 3.1Nm
The gantry (Y-axis) is driven by 2 motors one for each "leg" and the linkage is 5mm pitch ballscrews.

So, the Y travel speed max. out at approx 4500-5000 mm/min (~180~200 IPM) where one of the steppers loose the steps and comes to a halt.
Currently i run it at max. 4000 (~160 IPM) to be on the safe side.

I guess that around the motor speed of 1000 RPM (5000 mm/min / 5mm pitch = 1000 RPM) the stepper greatly is reduced in torque.

Options to increase speed:
1) Looking into AC Servos. I'm a bit scared of them, never used, setup, tuned or what so ever with a motor and drive. Still I think this could be fun.
Any recomendation for an "easy to install" kind of thing. Is there any preferred brand to look for, do I need software or can I get a turnkey preset system  :-\

2) Change ballscrews, this would be rather "cheap", as I can get a 10mm pitch ballscrew, that fits directly into my current setup. No modification at all to the table, or electronics.  :-\

3) Hybrid steppers, a stepmotor with a feedback encoder. But how can that be faster if it simply max. out and looses steps like the regular stepper  ???

4) Shut up,be Happy, go to the garage, grab a beer, get those chips flying  :)

Best Regards, Bo Andersen

PoKeys / PoExtBusOC, invert output ?
« on: October 26, 2014, 12:38:03 AM »
Dear PoLabs.

I really miss to able Invert the outputs for the Output-extention boards.
This can be done on the main board it self, but not on the extension.

Please please please, put this bit_toggle on the todo list for monday  :)


Just wanted to show what I've been doing for last couple of months.
I was getting increasingly irritated to use the mouse + keyboard all the time, and wanted to do something else.
However I'm using a Parrallel-port setup, and my inputs and output are limited, so I had to look elsewhere.
Found the "PoKeys" from "PoLabs" didn't really know what it was, but it has a lot of IO pins, and MACH3 plugin.
So I took a chance and got one.

And then it took off  ;D, I just wanted a simple jog panel, with my "Basic" functions at hand.  :-\

Pls. Look at this album for pics and a demo vid. Step by step progress. (Details written for each pic)

Now I need to make the box around it, and mount it some where on the machine.
And getting the rest of the foils on the buttons.

Let me know what you think ?
Best Regards, Bo Andersen.

PoKeys / JOG = off. Causes JOG to continue ?
« on: January 29, 2014, 04:12:58 PM »
Moved the discussion from "General forum" to here.

I set  an 8x8 input matrix, and assign some for JOG XYZ, (One key for X+ another for X- etc)
Following is observed:
- Continues JOG is selected
- Pres_and_hold a button: Causes axis to JOG, Release = Stop.

If I then toggle the JOG to OFF, the I cannot JOG on the regular PC-Keyboard, but
When I Press and release a key via my PoKeys input matrix, the Axis starts and Continues to JOG, untill "Stop" or "E-stop" is activated ?!
(This is valid for all axis in both directions)

If I select MPG-mode (Instead of continues) and THEN toggle JOG = Off then it's all good, nothing moves, just as I expected the JOG = Off function to work ?

(Further I have some issues with the formatting of DRO in the LCD, but I'm not sure if bug-reports are in this forum ?)
Best Regards, Bo Andersen.

Dear Forum. (Not sure if this is a Pokeys or MACH3 issue ?)

I have hooked up a Pokeys56U (USB)
From that I created a 8x8 matrix push button panel. (Basic JOG, MPG and other features)

One set of buttons is for JOG of XYZ axis, press the button = JOG, release = stop.
One button (X++) is linked to one OEM-Code 307, etc.
All good.

Then when I Toggle the "JOG" either via. mouse on the MACH screen or via my control panel following is observed:
The LED is OFF, indicating that JOG function is disabled. (And other related LED's like "Continued" or "Step" or MPG)
Not possible to JOG from Computer keyboard.

If I then press and Release my X++ JOG button on my control panel, the X-axis, moves, and CONTINUES to move
untill Stop or E-Stop is activated.

When i Toggle the JOG back on (LED = ON) then the function is back to normal ?!

PoKeys, MACH or user error ?
Best Regards, Bo Andersen.

General Mach Discussion / G68, how digits are interpreted internally ?
« on: January 07, 2014, 05:12:07 PM »
Dear Forum.
I'm trying to drill PCB (Eching is done via photosensitive PCB and chemical etch process), so I slam the PCB to my spoil board.
Measure the board via. webcam, and calculate the Rotation needed. Fx:
G68 A0 B0 R-1.753
However when i run the G-code and look at the MDI-screen it say the rotation is -1.8

So is it internally handled as 1.753 or is it rounded to 1.8 ?

Best Regards, Bo.

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