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General Mach Discussion / Set up steps on Bridgeport Series II NC
« on: December 31, 2014, 11:20:02 AM »
Need help setting up motor steps on a Bridgeport Series II NC.
I used gecko drives with Mach 3 software using the existing
Superior Step Motors.
To get to run one inch I had to put in 80,000 steps and
the fastest I could get it to run was around 20 inches per minute.
It seems to be microstepping.
Would prefer it to step .001" instead of .0001".
I have set one up before and I used 2000 steps and got 120 ipm.
This one won't take it.
What am I doing wrong.

General Mach Discussion / M3 Relay output from output 1
« on: May 24, 2013, 08:06:46 AM »
Trying to get a relay to turn on for M3 out of output 1
I have turned on in config and spindle.
Metering between pin 1 and pin 18 gnd I get 4.5 volts to gnd
when I input M3 and it goes to 0 volts when I input M5.
 When I hook up a small 5 volt relay it reads 3.2 volts and toggles to
0 volts. The relay does not pull in. Tried a 3 volt relay same thing.
Then tried a 3 volt solid state relay and the relay did not pull in.
Then tried an optoisolater board from Sparkfun. The voltage toggles
between 2.2 volts and 0  with 5 volts hooked to the output side
all I get is .005 volts to .001 volts when I toggle.
Also I have pin 18 tied to machine ground and the 5 volt ground.
It is like I'm not getting enough amps out and loading down the circuit.
What am I doing wrong?   

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