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General Mach Discussion / spindle toggle on/off in estop
« on: January 25, 2014, 05:05:55 AM »
Hi all, I have an issue with my mirco router conversion that I would like some advice with.

When I press the E-stop in or hit reset in mach 3 the spindle clicks on/off at quite a rapid rate, but once the E-stop is released and the reset is off, it stops, with the E-stop off the spindle turns on/off fine with M3/M5 command in MDI, and suggestions??

Also, when my router is powered down and mach3 is closed down the spindle ON, and PWR on/off LED's on my BOB flash, but with a very dim light.

Any advice much appreciated

General Mach Discussion / charge pump pin allocation
« on: January 21, 2014, 04:51:30 AM »
Hi all, some advice please. I am currently converting a micro router to mach3, but am having an issue with the charge pump, it does not seem to be activating in order to get power to my drives. I have a Triac that I converted and the charge pump works fine, and the output for the charge pump on the triac is set to to pin1. But as I am using a totally different spec pc for the micro router, an old IBM with XP (whereas as the triac uses an up to date W7 PC), i'm not sure whether the output will be the same. I have also tried to use the force jumper on my BOB but still with no joy. I know the port is working as I have my e-stop and limit switches working OK, and I have run a driver test on the IBM, and the results come back better than when run on the W7 Pc, (ie far less spikes).
How can I check that I am using the correct pin out from the LPT port for the charge pump?

General Mach Discussion / cable screening - homing issue
« on: July 25, 2013, 06:52:29 PM »
I am currently experiencing issue's with homing, the x and y axis move different amounts each time ref all is pressed and mach say they are homed and reset the DRO to the set figure but are clearly not, and the LED is not lit in the diag screen, the same with the z homing but this moves very small amounts, as little as 0.2mm every time the ref home button is pressed, it resets the DRO but no LED is lit either in diag, if I manually jog all axis to the switches the LED then lights up. Recently I have replaced my old BOB with a new one and also replaced the stepper drivers and installed a new 36v psu to power the drivers, the homing switches used to work before installing the new hardware, thinking it would be sufficient I have used 2 core plastic coated cable for the step/dir signals from the BOB also the same type of cable for the power from the psu to the drivers and orange 3 core cable (like you get from a lawn mower) for the main power to the psu, the cabling from the driver/vfd to the motors is the original wiring in the machine. I have read previous posts on noise and cable screening, would it be highly likely that this is a noise issue coming from the lack of screened cable in my setup?

This is how my conversion looks - some advice greatly appreciated

General Mach Discussion / spindle issues
« on: June 15, 2013, 04:48:21 AM »
Have just setup my new parker ssd650 inveter drive,

1st issue -
When I input a m3s2500 the 0-10v output is 9.90v (not a prob for max spd), but anything less than s2340 then the 0-10v reads 0v and the obv the spindle wont turn, I have tried all manor of setups in motor tuning but to no luck.

I have how ever connected the 0-10v output to a pot then to the inverter and when 0-10v is at max I can control the spindle spd from o-s2500 via the pot, but obv mach3 spindle dro only reads s2500. Any thoughts as to why I cant get any less than s2340 through mach?

2nd issues -
In order to use 0-10v input on the inverter, the inverter still requires a signal to turn the spindle on, but with this inverter that is by the means of a 24v signal, is there any way I can use the spindle on signal from my sp4dc board to activate a switch connected to a 24v circuit?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated

General Mach Discussion / Blown spindle inverter/controller
« on: June 06, 2013, 06:56:37 PM »
Almost at the final hurdle and after finally sorting out the connections and getting my spindle turning correctly ..... the old spindle drive inverter/controller has given up in a puff of smoke, well it was nearly 30yrs old!!. Not yet sure how much damage has been done and whether it can be repaired, as I will get it checked out. But if it is damaged beyond repair, can anyone else recommend a suitable single to 3 phase inverter/controller?

My motor spec is as follows -

3Phase - 50hz IEC34 IP54
MT71B-F85-4 Class F
0.37Kw 380/380-420VY 1.3A
1400r/min 220/220-240V 2.3A
No.1470779 CoS 0.69

I have been recommended this one -


It does state -

Control Specification
Control Method
Voltage Vector
Energy Optimised
PWM Frequency 4…32 kHz (effective)
V / Hz Ratio Linear
Boost Yes
Stop Mode Coast / Ramp / DC Brake

Am I right to think that mach3 can control this via a pwm 5khz signal? via my diycnc sp4dc board

Any help will be very much appreciated ;D

General Mach Discussion / triac mach3 conversion
« on: May 25, 2013, 06:24:22 AM »
I'm currently converting my triac pnc3, so far I have all 3 axis running, e-stop, and home switches, I have a shuttle prov2 hand wheel working, now am at a lost end whilst trying to link up the spindle drive.
I can get the machine to turn the spindle on/off via M3/M5 command using the spindle relay output, but this is no good as I dont have a separate controller for the speed. I am trying to connect up the step/direction setup but with no joy, and was wondering if anyone has a running setup using the original triac spindle cables, I have a sp4dc board but cant seem to get the correct wiring to the RUN NO/C/NC - DIR NO/C/NC connections, also if the correct setup on the mach 3 screens.

Motor Outputs -
Pin 17 - Step
Pin16 - Run
Pin 14 - Dir
Step/Dir port - 1

Output signals

Output#2 - port 1 pin 16

But not confident motor tuning is setup correctly

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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