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CS-Lab / Homing
« on: March 19, 2014, 11:19:39 PM »

I have noticed that after I run the IAI servo that after the first run it starts to go to a different home. That is it seems to offset itself as much as a cm, sometimes a mm after each run.

But it does always go to the proper home once I run M7 and M9 commands using MIDI ALT2.

Has anyone seen this kind of behaviour?



CS-Lab / More than 6-axis from CSMIO/IP-S by daisy chaining or similar
« on: January 28, 2014, 09:50:43 AM »

Alan and I was starting to discuss [on the Nordson thread] the possibility of using more than 6 axis using multiple CSMIO/IP-S. I thought I would put this on a different thread as a search showed no similar topics related to this.

It would be good for me to add more Nordson nozzles to my setup in conjunction with the lasers and other devices I have on my setup. But to do that I would need to find a way to add more CSMIO/IP-S boxes (daisy chain ??? or whatever ???).

Alan commented though that perhaps the Mach 3 software may not be able to support so many axis or have other limits.

Any comments on this would be appreciated.



CS-Lab / CSMIO/IP-S and Nordson dispenser using valve mate 8000
« on: January 18, 2014, 09:06:57 AM »
I have built a robot that is controlled by the CSMIO/IP-S. I am using the spindle command on Mach3 to control the Nordson dispenser via valve mate 8000 controller using the CSMIO Analog ports.

Basically I can get with a lot of M3/M5/P(time) commands the dispenser to give me a dot where I want it in either the 8000 TIMER mode or STEADY mode. But it slows down the machine a lot.

The nordson documentation says that if I use the E.O.C. [End of cycle] output on the back of the valve mate 8000 to send a signal back to the CSMIO device that it should reset it in TIMER mode as fast as the cycle ends.

In my setup I use the Mach3 SPINDLE as the voltage to activate (send 10V to) the nordson device via the M3 command , using P (time/mm), and the M5 to end it. In this carnation I set Analog out 0 ( Pins 1 and 2 ) on the CSMIO to send the signal. I works, sort of.

I also tried to use the EOC by: keeping Analog out 0 ( Pins 1 and 2 ) on the CSMIO to send the signal. I then set TIMER mode on the 8000 and tried to send EOC from 8000 too CSMIO Analog input 0 ( Pins 7 and 8 ). Tried using M3, but didn't work. Just got one shot and done.

Would like to know if anyone has any advice on this as I am stumped on it. This is my last problem to solve on the dispenser, then I should be able to start my lab experiments. I really need some help here as Nordson doesn't know, CSMIO people haven't answered my emails, and so finally I am turning to Mach3 people.



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