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General Mach Discussion / Toolpath not cutting
« on: May 01, 2013, 03:19:14 PM »

Really new to this, I have bought a new CNC, however after literally days of trying to sort this out, I cant.

I have the machine moving in X,Y,Z and I have the toolpath on the screen however what it cuts is not what is on the screen and it keeps repeating a pattern across the material.

The supplier is trying to convince me, its me, however after buying a new computer, lead and PCI board re loading the software on both computers time and time again the same thing happens on both computers.

I am pretty sure that it is the control board that's duff, as this, as far as I can see is the only constant.

I am told by the supplier that this should work out of the box and the test file he has sent to me works fine on the other units he has, as I need this for my business all the lost time is to much

Please, please help  ???

General Mach Discussion / PCI Card
« on: April 30, 2013, 10:34:02 AM »

I wonder can anyone help? new to Mach3 and CNC. I've put a PCI card into a new computer but I cant get Mach 3 to recognize the card address which is EC00 -EC07 I have tried entering EC00, 00, EC07 and 07 into the ports and pins info but it will not recognize or will not reset with a e stop being shown.

Please help as this is driving me mad.

Many thanks


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