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General Mach Discussion / Auto Zero Z-axis Metric
« on: May 11, 2017, 05:17:41 AM »
Hi there,

I have read a ziljon scripts and i still do not understand a thing about them. I am dyslectic as hell (reading only) and just cannot get the hang of it.

I have a router where the hardware is ready and tested for auto zero the Z-axis. It works with some scripts, just the values are not right.

What i need is ultra simple.

I would like to use the probe to zero the Z only with 50 MM a minute a pause/dwelling of 3 seconds would be great
My probe gage is 19.4 mm thick
when measured i would like to raise the Z axis 10 mm. The DRO should point out 10 mm off course.

No more, no less. Most scripts are so complete/complex so i d not understand the first thing about them

Whatever i do i cannot get it to work. metric/imperial. Axis going down in stead of up, stuff like that.

Any help would be very much appreciated

Kind regards


General Mach Discussion / return to 0, TOO fast
« on: April 22, 2017, 06:35:17 AM »
 ??? Hi there,

I am running Mach3 via a USB break-outcard under windows10. Great and very stable, no problems so far (since about 4 months)

I needed a slave axis to support my X-axis. The portal is about 700 mm wide and 2000 mm long, so one axis on it's own didn't do the work good enough. I installed the second axis (A-Axis), made sure the steps an speed are exactly equal including the acc/de-acc. I use the same drivercards, the same stepperengines.

I defined the speed in motortuning on 5000. So in my perception the MX speed the engines can run are 5000 mm a minute. Everything works well, untill i give the command return to zero. The engines are running so fast the system jams. Off course i can adjust the the acc/de-acc settings, but how do i adjust the max speed returning to home ?? In my softlimits i adjusted the speed to max 25%.

A second question, if i give the command "set steps per unit"  the a and X axis do not run simultaneously, in a normal millingjob they work 100% correct. What to do ??

Kind regards


Mach Screens / Change buttons in active work offset
« on: April 14, 2017, 07:14:01 AM »
Hi There,

I use the working offsets quite a lot. Fixture 1 (G54) and so on. I keep forgetting which fixture to use for different jobs. It would help me a lot if i could change the names in the button for example to Vacuumtable, centre, flipside mould etc. No problem if i have to change the tekst in photoshop or whatever, but i cannot find the location where these buttons are located.

Any help will be appreciated

Kind regards


Hi there,

I just changed from a parallel situation to USB, Parallel is just too old and not stable enough for me.

I bought an XhC Mach3 USB control card (4 axis). I wired everything, checked and double checked. Y/Z works fine. The X-axis only wants to move in 1 direction when toggled. I tried about every function n Mach3, i just cannot invert the direction, and am not able to make it goi in both directions. I checked the wire from driver to the controlcard and "beeped"it. The cable is ok. All drivers have exactly the same dipswitches activ, same drivers, same steppermotors.

The last few hair i have go grey, can some-one help me ?

Thanx in advance


Hi There,

I am using Mach 3 now for several weeks and getting the hang of it. Thanx to the help of a a dutch guy I've met here the configuration and usage of mach3 was a piece of cake with about 0 knowledge upfront. If somebody does some explaining the majority is logical (for the few percent i use mach3)

Now i have 2 questions i cannot fiend the answer for:

-1- Is there a screen/method to see how many millimeters have to be milled, or were milled. We invoice normally by the milled millimeter, so it makes sense knowing how much we've milled.
-2- is there a way of predicting the time to be consumed to mill a file ?? i know i can run the mill offline, but i don't mean that function.

Thanx in advance


FAQs / another newbee
« on: April 25, 2013, 03:44:10 PM »
Hi There, I'm Fred from the Netherlands and jumped just into the wondrous world of Mach3.

I downloaded the demoversion a few days ago, went through all the fantastic instructionvideo's on line (great for dyslectic people like me) and set up my 3 axes milling machine.
Before ran the mill under CNCprofi. it worked ok, but running under MS Dos it is extremely outdated.

My problem:

I'd setup the machine. and in motor tuning and setup i did like the video told me. played along with the XYZ values, steps per (100 for X) velocity (1320 for X)  and acceleration (515 for X). All axes are running ok in jogging modus at 100% speed. Sound ok and can't stop them by hand.

In the settingswindow (Alt6) i ran a axis callii bration and everything seems ok.

If i run a demo job, a G-coded job from Devwing, or a gcode coming from lazycam the speed is about 10% of the speed i have in jogging modeSpindle speed is set to 100%. Can anyone give me a clue where to look ? there are just too many windows for newbees :)

PS i know that 100 steps is very low, but that was the value coming from the settingswindow,

Thanx in Advance

Fred ???

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