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I am new to the CNC world and I currently have a very, very basic understanding of machine control.  Until now I have been generating g-code to produce parts on CNC mills and routers, but I've never had to understand the machines themselves.  I am familiar with programs like BobCAD, Mastercam, and some other proprietary machine software, but I am just starting my journey to learn more about the actual machines and controllers.  Currently I have a Komo Solution router which uses proprietary software to control the machine.  I am curious if the machine can be converted to be controlled using Mach3.  Does anyone know if this is possible?

I imagine that there may be many, many variables that exist and and need to be defined before attempting to do this; however I would really like to investigate this further.  I am looking for help getting started on a list of things to begin checking.  What are a few of the major things that I must confirm with the router and PC in order for Mach3 to successfully operate the machine?  I know the machine functions properly using the proprietary software, so I guess what I really need to understand is equipment/ component compatibility with Mach3.  Please help this newbie out.  I'll definitely continue browsing the forum and reading posts to help me learn about components and how they work.


Brian W.

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