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I'm new to using Mach3 and the Newfangled Mill Wizard and have run into a problem I can't figure out.  My machine is set up with inch units and when I try to run the Mill Wizard for some reason the machine units are changed.  They appear to be divided by approximately 25 (rough measurement but strangely close to a metric conversion).  To better explain, when I first start the machine and Mach3 and manually jog the table axes, the DRO (in Mach3) and actual table movements match.  After I run the Mill Wizard for a test job, I find the table motion is about 25 times greater that what is indicated by the DRO .  When I run the G Code, the machine tries to go to the commanded position, but since the scaling seems to be off by 25 it runs to the table stops (x, y and z).  If I restart Mach3 the issue is corrected, but comes back as soon as I run the wizard. 

Any suggestions?    ???



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