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Hi all im not shure why the license always gone when i install a new version of the development versions cause i have payed for a license direct on artsoft!?
What´s goin on? ::) ???
I use always the same computer without changes n this system. so i wnder aways why it happens!
The last version has this effect and now the new V again!
When i look on info of mach4 it´s allways a demo! >:(
Then i do the same way as before copy the PC ID (also the normal license process) ...and so on! But when i remember this way was limited or not?!

Mach4 General Discussion / Head shift
« on: December 04, 2016, 12:41:56 PM »
 where i can find informations about the head shift in mach4?
in the normal docs is not realy mutch to read about.  :)

Hello all,
i have an Problem:
We have retrofited an Maho MH600W with an DSPMC, an Pokey57E with an PoNetKBD48 and the old Indramat drives!
The Machine works fine when i use the Automatic, MDI and jog over the PC Keyboard!

When i use the Stepmode in Mach3 and i like to jog for exampe the x-Axis  over the Pokey KBD48 then all axes will move! When the error is big enough then the axes will goe uncontrolled thrue!  :-\
When i use the normal Jog mode and do the same over the PC Keyboard i can work without Problems!
I told this issue Mr. Matevž Bošnak from POLABS  he have checket all on his side and it looks good!
So i have no idea what´s happent on the DSPMC side!
I remember an Topic from here but no Answer

I asket him how it is with all axises on his Machine but it looks the same! All axes will move at the same time just without the PoNetKBD48!

Has anybody an idea what´s happend?
Thanks for your Answer!

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