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General Mach Discussion / Replacement Computers
« on: April 25, 2018, 12:32:01 AM »
It always happens all together, or when the busiest. The computer with which I do all my drawings and cam work started giving up the ghost. It was a bit long in the tooth (Dell Latitude 640).
The desktop running my machine has also decided to call it a day and requires replacement.
I need replacement download of Mach 3 to enable me to get up and running once again. I still have my .dat license file on hand.
Can one run Mach 3 on new laptop running windows 10. I use Mach on the laptop to verify my work before transfering to the machines computer running XP as usual.

General Mach Discussion / Fail to jog but will home.
« on: July 03, 2017, 04:42:21 AM »
Hi, will a pc that is possibly failing cause my  machine to home but not jog.
I have been away from my router table for a while busy with other projects
Last week I was attempting to flash it up again to begin cutting again.
On start up Mach 3 indicates that the drivers were successfully installed. The motors locked in on power up but non of the axis will jog.
I did a reference all to home which the axis did, but then fails to jog once again.
While away from my machine. I had used its pc for some drawings and noticed on a few occasions that the pc failed to boot up. After a number of attempts to start the pc it did boot up and managed to complete my drawings.
If the pc is beginning to fail will this cause mach3 not to operate correctly.
The pc is a a refurbished unit, I bought some years back to act as stand alone control for the router table.
The only programmes beside xp are Mach3 and 1 drawing programme loaded onto it. It is not connected to the web or any network.

General Mach Discussion / MX4660 from Leadshine
« on: March 05, 2015, 05:36:19 AM »
Has anyone tried out this recently available multi axis driver.

General Mach Discussion / Discombobulation
« on: October 16, 2013, 09:57:37 AM »
A few months back, I started setting up my router and Mach 3 together and running through the set up of Mach 3. Since then I have cut a few parts, needed for completing the mechanical side of the table (brackets, Thein dust separator lid, etc). Running the machine to get more of an understanding of the programs (machine control and CAM). During this time I was using any piece big enough to act as a base for cutting on. Having obtained a "permanent" spoil-board,started to look at the table set-up again, and go into setting limits a permanent dedicated work co-ordinate zero position. Simultaneously setting up the parameters for surfacing the s/board, using 1 of the wizards to set the parameters. This brought up a whole rats nest of questions and discoveries. Discovery #1 was that the figures input into the wizard for distance travel for example was not what was generated in the code-box of the program run screen. My feeling for now is that this is a possible programming issue of the wizard. Discovery #2 was that if I input figures in the G54 fixtures of config. The axis moves to the work co-ordinate zero for X and Y. The machine co-ordinates for the axis read as follows (DRO's): X input 12.5 ~ DRO reads 12.4499 ...... Y input 20 ~ Dro reads 20.0040. The DRO readout at home in work co-ordinate read the same figures, but a (-). which is correct. The Question is why are the DRO's not reading the same as input figure. Is this a motor tuning issue and have to look at the steps per. Is it the kernel setting (M3 suggests 25 000 ~ Toshiba blue board recommends 35 000 ~ Mine set to 25 000. Should I look at the stepping go from 1/8 to 1/16 for instance. Where am I going wrong!
It would also be appreciated for further information of "debounce"  what it is and how to apply it.
I have also been having difficulty coming to terms with the setting and using of soft limits. This I will leave for now.
Guys your assistance is greatly appreciated.

When jogging from home to the full extent of my table ( home to limit switch) the DRO's give different readings as to what the size of the table is.
I have M3 set to mm and the size of the table is approx 1500 x 1500mm with the z travel being approx 150mm. The working area is 1200 x 1200 x 100mm.
The DRO's read the following at the limit switches.
X  388.2416
Y  398.0899
Z  -131.0635
They all travelled from home.... i.e. 0

General Mach Discussion / Home/Limits
« on: April 14, 2013, 08:42:42 AM »
Newbie desperately needing assistance from the leaned members of the forum please!

Machine specs:                    Home built 3 axis gantry driven router (1200 x 1200 x 100 mm work area).
                                        TB6560AHQ - 4 axis blue driver board - Mach3 software
                                        X & Y rack and pinion (mod 1.5 rack with 18 tooth spur gear driven from belt and pulleys 3:1 ratio)
                                        (motor 20 tooth,spur gear 60 tooth)
                                        4th axis slaved to X to drive gantry.
                                        Z axis is a directly driven 1/2"-10 5 start acme rod.
                                        SBC4 xml file over written into the Mach3 folder
                                        Limit switches are mechanical micro switches wired NC in series; each axis being wired to its own pin of the driver boards DB9 socket.

                          {Some manual adjustment to the xml file have been made while configuring Mach3 whilst setting up Input and Homing/Soft limit settings}

With the machine set with the SB4 xml file, with the A slaved to X, both the motors drive in the same direction without changing the config>ports & pins>motor output - dir active low setting of either motor.
All axis drive in the correct direction using either keyboard or jog buttons on the pop out mpg controller of Mach3.
However as soon as one checks and sets the pins for the config>ports & pins>input signals (as per driver-board manual) and sets up the config>home/soft limits as per Mach3 manual and tutorial videos; the direction in which the axis travel is reversed/opposite to what they did before setting up the home/limit switch settings. To get them driving in the correct direction the config>motor output>dir active low had to be checked for X to drive correctly together with the slaved motor. The setting was also checked for the Y and Z axis to also get them traveling correctly again.

When referencing the X axis; the master X axis motor drives in the positive direction, whilst the slaved A axis motor drives in the negative direction. A Mach3 stop is required to prevent the 2 sides of the axis from tearing themselves apart (no e-stop wired up). Once the e-stop has been triggered only the Ref A led turns to green.
I also notice that when trying to reference the master X motor drives in the positive direction and not towards the home side of the table.

From the driver board manual, the pins for the config>ports & pins>input signals can only be set:  X++   pin 10;     X--  pin 10;     Xhome  pin 10
                                                                                                                                             Y's to pin 11
                                                                                                                                             Z's to pin12

Does this effectively mean that the X-- and Xhome cannot be set to limit and a home switch when referencing (similarly for the Y and Z axis). In other words there are limitations to this board; as Mach3 states one can set for example: X++ to pin 10;   X-- & Xhome to pin 11

I also notice in the driver board manual: that the page depicting the settings for config>ports & pins>input signals the pin setting for the 4th axis is also showing pin 12. { should not the 4th axis be set to the same pin as the axis it is slaved to}

Also noticed in the manual and settings of the SBC4 xml file that the motor output> enable setting for all the axis is pin 14........ is this not an output pin for Mach3?

It seems I am confused as heck and in dire need of help in putting me on track.
Gary  ??? :o

General Mach Discussion / Newbie with TB6560 1st time testing problems
« on: March 24, 2013, 07:39:19 AM »
Earlier I connected the PC, driver board and motors for the 1st time. Mach 3 I had configured the ports and pins previously. The supplier of the board, supplied a file for changing the XML, I chose to manually do the settings as set out in their documentation.
At this stage I get no movement, not even a hum from the motors.
When looking at the driver board with the parallel and serial connectors on the right hand side, I see 3 leds light up and that is it.
I am hoping some one has experience with these boards and can help in getting the system up and running.

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Home Baked CNC Router.
« on: March 16, 2013, 07:20:58 AM »
Hi All
This is all new to me, but jumped in feet first anyway. In building my router there were many factors that had to be  take into consideration, on researching and starting the project. The first was that..........I know nothing, the local availability of of components and materials, the cost of importing and shipping goods to me and what design and size of table would be best for me to start with. I finally decided that the CNCRouterParts 4x4 design was pretty straight forward. Having limited funds available and considering the exchange rates were fairly favorable at the time, I went and ordered some parts from CNCRP to get myself kick started. I took the parameters of their design and the bits and pieces I'd ordered and went about drawing up parts for local manufacture. The process was started around this time last year, to date I have a 95% complete table and an 80% working machine.  I have had to settle for a Toshiba 6560 driver board and the nema 23 motors, due to local availability. My next decision to make is what type of spindle to install, for now all I know that there is almost zero local availability but am busy researching what options are available. Thank goodness for the internet............ The more one searches the more one finds!
At Present I am busy wiring up the table, re-configuring a computer to be a dedicated unit for the router. Mechanically there are a few thing that also need doing, i.e. making and installing cable trays and e-chain. Once I have XP loaded and the computer stripped out of all unwanted bits and bobs I will be loading Mach3 and configuring it to test my machine. I have been reading through the manual and for now it seems a bit of information overload, so will take my time and with help with the forums, will hopefully have a fully functioning  machine in the near future.
The photo is a poor one taken on my mobile phone, but gives a visual of my endeavors so far.
Fair winds and calm seas to all!

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