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General Mach Discussion / Mach 3/cnc Stopping... Need help!
« on: February 18, 2013, 10:09:56 PM »
Hi guys,
  I'm new here to the forum and hoping for some help. My machine for the most part runs great but very randomly it will just stop right in the middle of a toolpath and the "Reset" but will be blinking. It makes me click the "Reset" button then "Start" and the machine will start moving again but it tears into the piece I'm working on. I'm guessing cause the g-code is still running and then when it starts it is further down. I hope this makes sense. I have rewired my machine with shielded wires and while it seems it is better then it was before replacing the wires it still randomly does this and I would really like to fix this issue. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks guys! :)

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