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General Mach Discussion / Mach + Meteor
« on: February 08, 2013, 02:53:07 PM »
 I am new to Mach, so please pardon my ignorance. I just got my Fireball Meteor (http://www.probotix.com/FireBall_Meteor_cnc_router/). It came with a probotix control box + Ubuntu box with EMC2 (older version of LinuxCNC). Ubuntu is connected to the probotix control box via LPT port.
 Meteor has 3 axis, and the Y axis has 2 steppers on each side of the machine.
I am looking to replace the Ubuntu box with Windows. Does anyone have experience running Fireball Meteor from Mach3 on Windows?

A bit about the project: I need to control the Meteor CNC from my custom interactive program - that is, I dont know ahead of time the commands and their timing, they will be determined on the fly as my program reads sensor input from the workspace. I am planningto generate g-codes dynamically from my app, then send them down on-by-one to Mach3 (going through documentation to figure out how that's done), and hope that Mach will handle sending g-codes to Probotix's LPT-based control box. so in short the chain is:
My App Generates-> G code command -> Mach Sends -> LPT -> Probotix control box -> CNC steppers

Any help/thoughts/pointers - highly appreciated.

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