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Hi, is here  someone who wishes to earn some hundreds of $ by connecting two macros. I want to  use standard fixed 8 slot tool magazin with fixed probing. I allready has purchased Gerry's 2010 screen what need to be modified changing tool
automatically.  On principle must connect and adapt two macros, standart 8 slot macro (what video is on mach3 page) and 2010 screen macro. One special difference must be writed. That because I mill very tiny things with 0.1 mm tool tip I need to
check every tool after milling. So it,s must repeat  fixed probing after milling and when there is difference over 0.2 mm then machine must paused and not take the following tool. I have drawing where you can see what I exactly mean.
Please see picture http://www.upload.ee/image/4073649/DSC_0868.JPG  Please contact me with e-mail.  under profile.   Looking forward any answer

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