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General Mach Discussion / Macro Pump and Spindle commands
« on: October 17, 2013, 12:43:12 AM »
Trying to setup a convenient group of buttons wired to a second BOB. Things like Safe Z, Flood on/off, Pulley selection etc. I have them all "working" but its just not perfect. I am using a momentary button for each input. The Macro Pump code for each input is along these lines:

Flood=GetOEMLED (823)

REM Flood control on/off
If Flood=True Then
Code DoOEMButton(113)
End If

So this works but I seem to have to hit the sweet spot for when the macro runs. Hold the button too long, and the flood comes on, then back off (sometimes all I see is the Output LED flash on diag screen).
The worst part is I have a Spindle CW and a Spindle CCW button. If I am not perfect in pressing my button for just the right amount of time, my spindle will not cycle on. If and when I cycle with the on screen buttons or a button I made myself with the "Code DoOEMButton(110)" it starts perfectly every time. So it must be something to do with my Macro Pump setup.


General Mach Discussion / Using inputs below Points 10-15
« on: October 16, 2013, 01:28:05 AM »
So I have a second BOB (C10) that I put in a while back and have it setup to use Pins 2 thru 15 as inputs. I notice that on the ports and pins config only ports =>10 can be used. Must be missing something where I can utilize the 9 pins I switched over to input on the BOB itself.

I have checked the box for pins 2-9 as inputs under the Port2 setup in the ports and pins main tab. save and close Mach3. Re-open and set input#1 as 2-8 for example, but it will not recognize a change in switch state. Works with pins 10,11,12,12,15 just not 2-9 on port 2.... Hmmmmm

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