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General Mach Discussion / Machine hesitates then loses position
« on: January 20, 2013, 12:52:46 PM »
Hello everyone,

I have been having a problem for the past 2 weeks with my machine running a program while doing a finishing cycle on some pickup cavities on a guitar body. It will run along just fine then the machine hesitates then continues do run the cycle, however mach3 thinks it never hesitated and therefor it loses position. The strange thing is when I home the machine out, my offsets for the fixture are still what they were before the machine did that hesitation. I have scrapped a few bodies out because it appeared as though the machine just wanted to do its own thing.

I have been running without a hiccup for 2 years and it just started to do this to me. The only thing that has changed was I attached my home switches to my machine 2 weeks ago. Before they were taped to my desk and I would tap them when an axis was close to its travel when starting up mach. Now that I have a consistent home position this problem started.

After I attached those home switches, I changed my look ahead to 100 lines instead of the default 20 and that's when I started seeing the issues happen. I changed it back to the default and it helped but now its hanging up in another section of the piece. Prior to changing my look ahead back to default it was hanging up in the exact same position over and over. Now that its back to default it is able to run the cavity at the first depth but hesitates during the second depth cut.

I unhooked my limit switches and set all config settings back to default and I still have issues. I had thought maybe my home switches were causing noise interference due to the fact the wire is unshielded but during my test I discovered that as not the case.

I know this is very confusing to read, and I can take a video if you would like.

I am still running the same version of mach3 that was originally downloaded several years ago.

Would uninstalling and reinstalling do anything?

I am at my wits end with this.

Specs are as follows if it means anything?
Gecko G540
P4 2.6 GHz processor
1GB of ram
nothing else on the computer, dedicated CNC computer.

Please help.

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