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Hi there,

i am shortly hoping to convert the Wadkin UX series router ( pictured below) to run using the DspMC  and mach3 combo.

i am completely self taught (well google taught) and jumped in at the deep end with this Wadkin as my first CNC about 2 years ago and have learnt a lot and now have a pretty good idea or my way around the machine and how most of it works, but am finding the Bosch cc120 control a bit limiting,  small memory no way ( for me) to reprogram and use probe inputs etc.

for converting to a DspMCi have a couple of unknowns that i need some help to know where to look / how to work out.


the drives ( bosch SM 10/20)  seem to require a deferential analogue input, and as far as i can tell all the analogue outputs of the DSPMC are single ended, will i need to make a balancing circuit, or a centre tapped transformer ( my background is Live audio, balanced / Unbalanced signal conversion happens all over the place)  i have attached pictures of the current wireing schematic SW- and SW+ are the analogue inputs for the amp, and i translated Soilwertdifferenzeingang to mean differential input.  - any idea's?

2.  how do i find out how many counts per revolution my encoders are,  the machine is fitted with Heidenhain ROD 426.029b -1000 encoders,  i think the 1000 may indicate 1000 counts?

3.  how do i work out the amount each axis moves per revolution,  or is it best to measure it ? digital callipers a good enough starting point, or should i get a dial

4.  how best to implement the Z-axis break?  i need to spend a bit more time looking in to how its currently implemented,  but i guess this should be done outside of DSPMC, controlled directly by the drive ready signal so if the drive faults / looses power  / E stop the break is activated. 

thanks a lot for any advice anyone can give me.


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