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General Mach Discussion / Ist time user
« on: April 26, 2007, 06:34:55 PM »
I am building a Plasma table and have hit a brick wall. I have bought a Logitrol Systems CNC 7.0 Amp Extra Duty driver ( 2 Phase ) + a Logitrol 700 Watt 50 VDC Coil Drive & 2 Stepper Motors to suit. The system came with no Hand Book & very little information. I have had a computer Guru set up the computer for me but he knows nothing about making this thing work. I have had this system for coming up 2 years ( a long term project ) and it's time to get it going. I do not have Mach 3 as yet but I will buy it as soon as I understand what to do with it. I need Help! If I buy Mach 3 now, do I down load it to a disc from this computer and load it into my other computer? ( the other machine has no internet available) I want to cut shapes that I draw on Auto cad 14. Do I need other software for this to happen or do I draw in another program. Any help to understand how this all works would be greatly appreciated INJ

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