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VB and the development of wizards / Mentor needed
« on: May 06, 2008, 10:56:10 AM »
I haven't written any code in 10 years and when I was I wasn't that good.  I need to write a wizard for my indexer.  Here are the first two features needed.  With a piece of wood of X number of sides ( usually 4 or 8) mill to round.  With a round piece of material mill a barley twist X long, Y # of starts and using Z width of router bit.  Rope/barley twists will be based on Magnate router bits that will cut the proper profile.  I think that it will a threading operation.  I have copy of VB4 starter kit. 
  Logic of rounding?  With corner of stock at A0 mill -Zvar  from Xvar to Xvar.  Move tool -Yvar -Zvar and return to starting X position.  Move Y and mill to Xvar end, repeat till all wood removed from this depth.  This requires that the app knows width of material to be removed.  Width of material has to be calculated based on number of sides and depth of cut.  Continue till reach the material has been cut to finish diameter.  Rotate to next corner and repeat till all corners are milled.  Now the number of sides has doubled.  Now I suspect the fastest way is move Z to var rotate A to start of material of next corner and mill a pass, rotate A var degrees and mill back to X start.  Finish cutting rest of material of corner and then do the rest of corners continuing till material is round.  Wish I could afford to have someone write it for me so I could spend the time in the shop but that is not the case.  Anyone willing to help me?

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Router plans
« on: April 16, 2007, 10:59:27 AM »
I did a lot of research before I started building my 4 axis machine.  I need to be able to turn 24" by 10' wood columns.  Unfortunitly I did not discover www.mechmate.com .  Design is it is the best I have found and I am now rebuilding my gantry to their plans.  Some of the highlights, free plans, active discussion group, laser cut parts avaliable from several different sources world wide, free CAD files avaliable if you want to cut your own pieces, source for V rollers at about 1/2 other sources( $186.00 USD for 12 V roller and 4 excentric bushings plus worldwide shipping),.  When you go to this be prepared to spend abou 6 hours to read all the documentation and discussion on all phayese of construction.  The addation of a 4th axis is fairly easy and is initial documentation is  on my site, www.turningaround.org,

General Mach Discussion / homing slaved motors
« on: February 05, 2007, 10:45:58 PM »
X.Z and A all move to home position with X and Z backing off .25" as they are supposed to.  A is staying at home as it is supposed to.  Y and B are slaved together Y moves toward home switch but B doesn't move.   Slaved motors work fine during normal operations.  Y and B should move to home position until Y reaches switch and then both stop.

General Mach Discussion / MachX threading
« on: March 19, 2006, 01:01:12 PM »
When my homebuilt 4 axis mill/lathe is at stage to install electronics I will buy Mach X so it has all the latest bells and whistles installed. 
  I am building a 24" by 120" mill/lathe to do wood columns.  This is designed to be a CNC version of the Legacy Ornamental Mill.  I will normally use profiled router bits to cut rope and barley twists and since they will cut the desired profile I think that I can use the thread wizard to do this but not sure of values to enter. 
  Column 12" diameter by 120"
  Router bit 3"
  6 starts
  1 rotation per 18" (thread pitch)
  depth of cut .1" per pass total of 6 passes per thread
  speed 200 IPM
  CW or CCW selectable

The columns are glued up as a octagon and I think that the high points can be knocked down via slot cutting wizard
  octagon diameter 12.98"
  column diameter   12"
  using 2" flat bottom bit
  depth of cut .1"  repeat 8 times rotate 45degrees and repeat 7 times
speed 200 IPM

To flute columns
 column diameter 12" length of cut 100"
 start cut 10" from end
 depth of cut .1" X number of cuts
 rotate X degrees and repeat X numbers of times

Are these possible or would writing G code be as easy as I suspect? 
 depth of cut

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