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General Mach Discussion / Noob needing help. Z axis dropping as it cuts
« on: December 07, 2012, 06:03:30 PM »
Hey everyone. New to all this and I tried a couple searches and nothing seemed to pinpoint my issue. Additionally I am unsure exactly what is causing the issue and therefor don't have concrete terms to search. Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

First I'll start with the issue. I have a 9.875 x 9.875 pattern that I am attempting to cut. At different points, on different attempts, it seems like the z axis is dropping and creates a downhill slope.

I have gone through a couple guides and believe I have everything setup correctly and that nothing is mechanically loose or slipping. When testing the z axis with a dial indicator it repeatedly returns to zero without an issue cycling between .75 and 0. At first I thought perhaps the bit was slipping but I have since marked the bit before cutting and can verify that it is not coming out of the collet while cutting. I have done a few test cuts on smaller patterns and don't have the same issue.

After posting this I'm planning on swapping the z and x axis driver to see if perhaps the problem follows the driver but would rather not chase this issue all over the place if anyone might know the cause right off hand.

Thanks for any help.

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