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Mach3 under Vista / Mach3 problem with writer wizard
« on: November 04, 2019, 09:57:28 PM »
Hi everybody hope someone can help me. Im using the Mach3 demo version to learn and see what it can do before buying the license.
The problem I have, and I like to know if the write wizard works on the demo version, I have read on some post that it does but when I try to use it , it wont let me type any inputs (numbers), if I type 1 for tool # when Im going to the next like feed rate it change the tool # to 0 and it does that on any other I type for. it change everything back to 0.
Any help be appreciated in advance.
Thank you.

Mach3 under Vista / Problem running programs on Mach3
« on: October 12, 2016, 01:32:24 PM »
Hi, like the topic say, I have problems running the programs on mach3. hope somebody can help me or give me ideas what Im doing wrong.
Several years ago I was planning to machine aluminum parts (simple parts) on my table top mill so I download the demo version of Mach3 to my XP computer to try it first. I made several sample pieces and it works great but I had some medical and family problems so I couldnt continue to try it, after several years now I like to try it again. The problem was that my old XP computer where I had the program burn out so I had to buy a new one with windows 7, I download the Mach3 demo version again and I think I set up everything ok but when I load my old program to cut a sample part  it just star cutting on the wrong position. I rehome the machine a zero on my part several times but still want to cut on the different place than where it suppose.
When I load the old program  it shows the part on one side of my mill table (upper/right side) even though I zero my piece on the center of the table, it also shows the circle on my aluminum piece on the upper right side. I made a new program to see if that would fix it but the new program is different than my old one and I use the same drawing.
Does any body know if they change something on Mach3/Lacy cam in the past years?

Im cutting a circle on an aluminum piece. 4" X 4.250" and the center of circle is at X 2.00 Y2.250
Let me see if I can post the codes and some pics so people can see what Im talking about.

Thank you

Hi, like the tittle say. I need help to transfer Text from autocad to mach3. I did it before  last year but  I havent use it anymore and now that I need it I forgot how .
I have Autocad 2005 LT. It doesnt have the right tools to make the easy way.So by searching on line last year I found out how to do it and change the text to the right format to be lines and arcs. I only remember half of it.
After making the text in Autocad I need to save it as DXF then I have to export it as WMF  and save it, but I dont remember if thats the right steps or what to do after that.
I been trying like that but I dont get the text to become lines and arcs so I know I missing something.I just cant remember how.I been looking all over on line again but I cant find it any more.I know people were explaining it  in some forums.
If somebody know of remember how its done thank you for you help.
I know there are some free programs to do the same  but that was easier for me and it works perfect.

Thank you in advance.


General Mach Discussion / Still confuse about Mach3
« on: May 13, 2013, 11:05:18 AM »
Hi, like the title say. Im confuse about Mach3 not sure if its right  to say that or Im confuse myself. Its not because its a hard program to learn but because Im so use to write programs for CNC lathe using different program.(EzPath  14 years) and  Im trying to make things on Mach3 as I do for Ezpath. any way my questions are:

-Do I need the Lazycam  program to convert my drwaings to G codes  then move them to Mach3 or I can go directly from AutoCad drawings (dxf) to Mach3?

- Also, I know I can write the programs as Text then move them to Mach3 . I still trying to remember how to write the G codes.

-On Mach3 where/how I save my tools? Its there any tool library to save all my tools?

-On Ezpath program I tell the program what size the material its then how much to take per pass on rough cuts and how much to left for final cut. How I do all that on Mach3 program?  I know it should work close to be the same.

Thank you


General Mach Discussion / Im new to the Mach3 program
« on: April 27, 2013, 09:45:20 PM »
Hi,  My name  Jaime  from Fresno Ca. Im new to the Mach3 program.   I been buying parts for my bench top mill (motors, drives etc.) after 3 months finally I was able to wire it every thing.  I download the mach3 program and I did the initial set up with the video all the way to motor tuning and it was suppose to be enough to see the motors runing or move.  My problem its that they dont move at all. they get energize (X,Y,Z) but dont move when  I press the up or down arrow like the video said. I watched the video 5 times to see if I did something wrong  on the set up  of pins and ports but they look ok. Also I double check all the wires on  drivers and breakout board and they look ok as well . One thing I notice its that one of the motors vibrate Little some times, also when I press the up or down arrow only the Y numbers move .  How I  make X or Z numbers move as well on mach3 screen.  

Thank you in advance for you help


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