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 I have had success using mach4lathe and the machmotion wizard for threading 3/4-16, 1/2-20 ands 1/2-13 . The problem is that I have about .007 backlash in my X axis. On a mill that would be unacceptable but on a lathe in most cases backlash(BL) comp is perfectly fine. To get the correct thread depth I had after running the G code crank in .0035 into the cross slide and rerun the G code.
In mach4lathe config I have Motor 0 as the X axis and I have backlash entered as .007 . No being use what they meant by units I also divide the backlash value by the decimal value of 1 step which was 112 .In pokeys I have the pulse engine set for BL comp but with a dial indicator set up on my X axis I see no compensation added when I use the MDI and enter G01 X.05 then read the Dial next enter G01X0 and read the dial. No comp is being added.
Has anyone got BL comp to work? If so what else did you do?

SmoothStepper USB / ESS running a stepper motor as a spindle problem
« on: April 08, 2016, 11:13:50 AM »
 I have a problem that I cannot get the ESS to run a stepper motor as a step and direction  spindle.. I cannot get the ESS to put out a continuous stream of pulses by an M3 S300 command. Surely the ESS should be capable of running a step and direction spindle. There is even a box for that in the ESS config file. So can you just check that function to see if you can get a spindle to use the m3 command using step and direction?
 A few minutes ago I  set up a G540 with a stepper motor using the parallel port and verified that Mach3 does run a stepper motor continuously as a spindle using step and direction. Any help would be appreciated.
 Dan Mauch

SmoothStepper USB / ESS and Vista Unidentified network
« on: August 01, 2014, 01:27:52 PM »
 My shop PC is a Vista home basic . When I go to network and sharing and select the local connection and I have set up the TCP/IP to and the subnet to  . When I plug in the ESS and power it  up I get the yellow led on the RJ45 and network sharing shows an Unidentifed network. Judging from the amount of posts on Google about unidentified neworks on Vista I see that this is a common problem. I have read quite few of them and have tried the various alleged solutions. None of them have worked to solve my problem.
Any suggestions?
Dan  mauch

SmoothStepper USB / The ESS and Win8.1 problems installing
« on: May 31, 2014, 11:48:53 AM »
 I am having problems trying to get the ESS configured with the Ethernet connection and loading the ESS plugin.
1. I d/led the ESS plugin from Warp9 . It comes as a zipped file.  It unzips ok but is a m3p file and when I click on it, it does not expand and go into the pluging directory. For some dumb reason  Win 8.1 think it is a video. So I tried a work around buy expanding it and then copying the dll file to the plugin folder. But when I load Mach3 it tells be that the DLL is defective and to reload. I cannot figure out why win8.1 doesn't open the ess plugin and copy it to the plugin directory. Is there another way around this problem?
The second problem may be related to the first problem. I d/led and install the win7 shell that greg recommends. With the ESS connected to the laptop rj45 connector and I try to set up network sharing it looks ok in that I have the ip4  address as and the subnet mask as
But when I look at the network sharing screen it says it isn't connected.
Asus was of no help.

SmoothStepper USB / ESS and G540 VFD Problem
« on: October 16, 2013, 04:43:31 PM »
I just put together a system with the ESS and a G540. Everything but the VFD signals  works as it should. ( I don't have a VFD connected but did put a 9V battery between the G540 +10  terminal 9 and VFD GND terminal 7. My VOM is connected between terminal 8 VFD output and Terminal 7.  The VFD analog output works fine when I use the parallel port. When I use the ESS I get no output on terminal 8 of the G540 (VFD Out)and GND  . I have checked the mach3 config file and can't find anything wrong. I also checked the cable between the ESS port 1 pin 14 and the DB25 port 14 and get continuity. Any suggestions?

SmoothStepper USB / ESS works on one PC but not another
« on: June 04, 2012, 04:07:26 PM »
 I got the ESS working on one pc but the computer that I want it to run on doesn't commincate with the ESS.
I have used the Bootp jumper and used the configurator set to
The PC indicates that the netowk cables is connected
The configuarator shows the file being updated.
When I click on connect, program and disconnect it show the file being updated and then I get the brief message that the cable is disconnected.
On the LED array I get a single green led flashing slowl\y on and off.

I then disconnect the jumper  and shut off the ESS and load mach3.
After mack 3 is loaded and I select the ESS plugin ver 2 I get a messge message the the wakeup client board does not reply
When I click on No I get the IP configure menu and I enter
The I get a screen that say I have more than one control device but the listing of the control devices is blank

Last I then go to the plugin control and click on configure and try to enter there but that doesn't do anything,.


Mach Screens / Is there A spanish simple screen set?
« on: April 09, 2011, 02:15:53 PM »
 I have a customer that would like a Sp[anish screen set that has the very simple and basic functions.
Any thing like that out there?

Here is a picture of our version 2 scanner program. It uses the USB port to send step and direction signals to a stepper motor. The video camera is synced to the motor and grabs frames as the turntable rotates. A firewire connection to a video camera controls the frames that are grabbed. The scan took about 2 minutes  and was NOT done at the finest resolution. I used 600 frames for this but could have gotten more detail at 1000 frames. If anyone want to see the whole thing as it ratates I can email you a copy if you have a viewer such as meshlab. Meshlab does show it as well but you get the idea.

Dan Mauch
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