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General Mach Discussion / RPM feedback with a CNC4PC C3 board
« on: April 26, 2013, 12:59:20 AM »
I searched through all the threads I could find....  couldn't see what I'm looking for.
Maybe I'm looking for the wrong answer?

I have a G0704 mill.  It's got a factory installed tach. It uses a 16 slot timing wheel that has an opto that would normally feed the tach.
I stole the signal from that, and fed it to my C3 board. Output of the C3 goes into pin 11 and ground.  So far so good!
I've got mach configured to see that via the Index under ports&pins.

Combo problem, part of which has nothing to do with mach, but I'll tell you anyways because my wife just sighs and rolls her eyes when I tell her.  ;)

I tell mach to run the spindle at 300rpm (M3 S300).  Spins up. Hook my scope to the output of the C3, and I'm getting about 144hz.
And unless I'm doing it wrong...  144hz / 16(slots) * 60 = 540 actual RPM.  Ok, I can adjust my C6 board to fix that.
Big problem is, Mach thinks it's turning about 2900 or something!  The indicated speed flops around a lot.
I *did have* closed loop turned on. Boy did that confuse mach when it couldn't pull the speed down low enough!  I shut it off.

Isn't there a spot I can tell Mach that I have 16 pulses per rev?  I hope I don't have to block off 15 of the holes.



General Mach Discussion / CNC4PC C6 board on a G0704
« on: April 10, 2013, 12:53:18 AM »
I seriously hate to post this, as the whole subject seems to have been asked to death....
But I'm going to anyway!  :)

* Followed Art's ummmm...  somewhat questionable directions/instruction sheet.
* I've {bench} hooked everything up from the C6 to the BOB.
* Using a stand alone wall wart for power to the C6.
* I'm getting only about 17mv output from the C6 on X4.
* BOB pin 9 to C6 step
* BOB pin 14 to C6 dir
* ground to...  well, ground!

Clicking spindle on will 'usually' turn on the C6 relay LED. Once. Then it will never turn off until power cycled, or I flip the active hi/low in pins setting.
Thing that looks really odd though, is the output from gnd to pin 9 on the BOB.
I looked at the output on my scope from one of the step pins (2) going to my X while I jogged, then compared it to the step output for comparison.
Pin 2 is +5 and pulsing, but pin 9 is about +1.3 more or less solid. Looked at Mach's diag page, and the row of "LEDs" doesn't have 9 or 14 on. Should it?

I'm ill right now (flu?) - I know there's something simple here.  What have I overlooked?

Newfangled Solutions Mach3 Wizards / I broke it??
« on: September 15, 2012, 07:27:25 PM »
I'm lost here...  and I'm usually the one that finds things!

I was running mach3 in demo mode.  Registered it (along with NFS).
All seemed to be fine BEFORE I registered, except of course it wouldn't post the g-code, as expected.
Now that I've put the .dat files in \mach3, I can't even get past "pick material" etc! Continue button does nothing except look like it's being clicked.

I just downloaded a 'fresh' copy of 2.86, deleted the old.  Rebooted mach (about 10 times).  Same thing.

Renamed the .lic file, now it says I'm un-licensed....  and doesnt work!


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