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General Mach Discussion / Setting up a Motor/Driver for high torque
« on: July 24, 2013, 11:57:02 AM »
Hi, I have a 4 axis CNC machine with a spindle running on a profile. I have added a fixture with it's own motor/driver that I want to run on it's own profile. It is never required to run with any of the other axis or spindle at the same time. I do not need to worry about speed, it is mostly to run to programmed positions when an input is actuated, and set an output when it reaches the position. The torque required to drive the fixture is quite high and unknown. All I know is that the motor gets very hot as it runs, and I don't want to 'fry' it or the driver. My components are:

Driver - 1.4A -5.6A (dip switch set), 400 - 25000 pulse/rev (dip switch set)
Motor - Nema 23 565 oz/in (4NM), 8 wire, 4A wired parallel, 2A wired series
Gear reducer 12:1 (to reduce the torque)

My question is, what sort of settings should I be looking at on the driver? I have my motor wired Bipolar Series, is this the best?
I can work on my Motor Tuning when I know everything else is optimised.

I hope this combination works as I really don't want to purchase a larger motor (Nema 34) as I will have to also purchase a new gear reducer, driver, and possibly a power supply.

Thanks, Barry.

Hi, I have been using what used to be a CNC Router, and am using it to hold a Laser head to do some marking. I needed to add a spindle (chuck) as I have some parts that I need to spin at no more than 30 RPM. Rather than going out and purchasing a VFC/Motor to drive the spindle, I started experimenting by temporarily using my Y axis motor (disconnected from the axis itself). I set up the parameters for the spindle according to the instruction manual, but so far have ended up with the motor running too fast, too slow, too hot. I just can't seem to get the right parameters to make it run the speed I need. Here is what I have.

Stepper Motor - 4 wire, 2 phase, 1.8 degree step angle, 3 amp, 3.6v
Motor Drive = 2 Phase, 2000 pulse/rev, 3 amp current set, half current mode set.
Pulley ratio, 2 motor rev = 1 spindle rev

I would be so grateful if someone could suggest the base parameters for the Motor Tuning and the Spindle Pulley settings, as I have tried so many combinations, I don't know what to adjust any more.


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