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I am wanting to set up another computer to run mach3 for my CNC router (stepper driven).
The computer that was running my machine is giving me trouble on boot up.
I have aquired another computer to run the machine.
Now the problems I have with this machine are that I cannot get the steppers to run "sweetly" like they were with the old computer.

I have copied the XMl file to the new machine and have manually checked the settings multiple times to make sure they are the same as the original.

I have also tried multiple settings other than the original for the motors, but am unable to get the steppers to sound as I feel they should.

The original computer specs:
AMD Athalon   1.1 GHz    1.5GB RAM

Pulse Frequency  25376  Steady

Driver Test...System Excellent
Pulses per sec  24406 - 24605

New Computer:
Pentium 4   3.06GHz   2.99GB RAM
Pulse Frequency  24789 - 24811

Driver Test....System Excellent
Pulses per sec   24941 - 25022

OS Windows XP


General Mach Discussion / Screen4
« on: October 22, 2012, 12:20:17 AM »
can you tell me where Screen 4 is located in mach3?
Thank you.

General Mach Discussion / Reset
« on: September 10, 2012, 07:33:37 PM »

Hello Forum

Thought you may have an answer on this one.

I have my HF spindle running and controlled via a VFD by Mach3.

When I first start a machining run the spindle fires up as it should and shuts down at the end of the machining as it should.

Now if I want to repeat the machining e.g. doing a multiple run of the same design the spindle will not start up when the command is given to start the run.

It will only start as it should if I press the reset and reset before starting.

It’s not a big problem, I was just wondering if this is normal procedure?


General Mach Discussion / HF Spindle - pulleys ?
« on: August 05, 2012, 04:16:17 AM »
I am trying to set PWM to control my spindle....I am not understanding the pulley side of it...among other things.
Do I have to set up minimum and maximum speeds for each pulley?
The spindle speed is controlled by frequency,... does not have pulleys.
I have the spindle running via Mach3, but it runs at at 400Hz - 24000rpm and I cannot reduce the speed via Mach3.
Need help please as I have tried everything I know.

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