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General Mach Discussion / X Axis slowly goes wrong, every time.
« on: July 02, 2012, 01:07:22 PM »

2 1/2 axis machine built up and everything runs ok in terms of keyboard movement. X Y Z all great.

Produced some G-Code from VisualMill and start the machine running.

But slowely, it drifts away on the Y Axis, in the same direction everytime.
As in, After milling around doing a curved handle shape the top edge has hardly no curve and the bottom has an increased curve.

A bit like, G01 Y100 and it moves 100, G01 Y0 and it moves 99, G01 Y100 and its now 101...?? Make sense?

The numbers I think are right on the screen but my Y axis is drifting further away all the time.

X is the same settings etc but it works lovely.

Any Ideas?

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