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General Mach Discussion / Mach3 Turn Set-up question
« on: October 15, 2008, 08:58:23 PM »
Need some help please!
I am setting up Mach3Turn on a 4500 MicroLathe II and a Drive Master NC 3-Axis controller and thought I was home free. However when I went to test my setup by going to the wizard screen and setting up the parameters for the OD facing template I found that when I ran the program everything was fine except the x-end diameter is off. I set my bar stock up per the posted introduction to Mach3Turn and the OD (.311 in this case) touch appears to be dead on, the rough cuts in the Z direction in distance are correct but the rough cut depth in the X direction each pass is considerably less than entered (.020). The number of passes shown on the screen also matches the number of cuts taken but the x-end diameter is considerably larger than what was entered on to the wizard template. (.263" vs entered .050).

I have tried changing the Turn Option to both radius and diameter but this seems to not make any difference whatsoever. I am sure that, as usual, this will be one of those fixes that once the solution is pointed out right in front of my nose I will say "I should have known that" but right now I am dumbfounded.

Thanks in advance for any help you can be you guys are always the best!

General Mach Discussion / Wrong way "Z"
« on: March 15, 2006, 07:46:27 PM »
Hey guys,

I am setting up a Taig Lathe with a CNC conversion package and everything is coming along but my "Z" movement seems to be backwards both in jog and program mode (ie numerical increase as the tool advances toward the headstock) .  I am using a DriveMaster 3 axis controller and Mach3 Turn.  I think my config settings are all correct but I must be missing something. Any suggestions?

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / backing up in a g-code file
« on: February 27, 2006, 10:25:17 AM »
Can someone tell me how to back-up several lines in a g-code file without starting over?  I have had to stop a program and would like to back up to a previous tool change and start the machine again but can't seem to find the way.  Help! I've fallen and can't get up.

General Mach Discussion / Tool Change in Open Loop system
« on: February 27, 2006, 09:37:04 AM »
Hey guy's I need some Mach3 guidelines,  I am running an open loop system (no limit switches yet) and when doing a manual tool change is it best to zero out the machine "z" after installing the new tool or just the machine "z"?

Also where is the "touch" feature on Mach3 and is there a tutorial on how to use it or am I doing right in re-setting zero with each tool?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Also has anyone out there have any suggestions on best way to set-up limit switches on a Taig mill?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice. 

General Mach Discussion / Installation Problems
« on: February 15, 2006, 01:33:23 PM »

I have downloaded the Mach3 and intend to get the liscense and use it on both my Taig MicroMill and a CNC Lathe by the same manufacturer.

I have installed the software and run the installation checks and all is well there, but when I open the software and press the Reset button I get a "Limit Switch Triggered" message and a need to Reset again.

I am running on a compaq nw8000 mobile workstation - XP Pro - with firewalls and anti-virius but no printer in the parallel port.

Also when I exit out of the program the window  min/max feature is extremely slow until I reboot.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, and this looks to be a great board, I hope I can contribute to solutions in the future. My expertise is more in the Pro-E CAD side... I am obviously new to the CAM end of things after the .tap file is generated.

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