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I have maked a test part for the first time in bobcad and all seems to work but when i loaded it in the mach3 all looks great all about the feedrates that are WAY slower then it was calculated in bobcad... i attached pitchure of bobcads calculated feeds and speeds and the mach3 speed that are way slower. why? is my units calculated wrong? one unit in mach3 i have calculated to is 1mm each unit.

please help...

FAQs / Cant get tool settings on mach3 to work... NEWBIE :)
« on: July 15, 2012, 03:26:08 AM »
Hi,... my tool diameter on mach3 does not work.. it seems to always think that it uses 2.5 mm bit as it overcuts.. i have tryed 3 - 4 mm and 4.5 mm but it cuts just the same as it think that bit is 2.5... there must be some wrong with my gcode. can someone please help me here? trying to look for any info about this with no sucsess...

I use phlatscript on google sketchup7 all units in mm both in mach and sketcup.

Gcode attached.

Hi... Im wery new to this program and badly wondurig about this. i have calibrated the mach3 software so 1 cordinate is 1 mm. when i upload the roadrunner gcode file the calibration changes so all table size cordinates are way more each cordinate therfore is all offsets wrong and way over the cnc mill board.. why`? I even tryed to make a gcode from phlatscript in mm but when i upload this the calibration of cordinates are way wrong.. when i start up the program all cordinates are good.. i really dont understand this please help.

Can I use google skechup phlatscript G-code on mach3 software??? How? I really like the sketchup but i can not make the gcode from it to work.. if sombody now how it works please inform me... many thanks.

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