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I am a CNC newbie. I've been using Mach 3 for months now, but only the most basic functions (load G-code, zero everything, cut, turn off).

Now I am trying to understand bit more about what Mach3 can do.

I wanted to try to setup soft limits and set machine coordinates, so I can't move the machine outside the 'safe limits'. I watched the "Coordinates" video, I setup config on my own machine, and it all worked great. Limits were set, everything was great.

Then I moved the spindle a bit, closed Mach3 and started it again. Machine coordinates were showing 0/0/0, although machine was not at machine 0/0/0 position.

So, the silly question is - can Mach3 somehow remember machine 0/0/0 coordinates between program restarts, so that I don't need to do reference home thingie every time I turn it on?

I guess that it is impossible (how would Mach3 know that I didn't use another software to move machine between Mach3 runs, for example), but it's better to ask than to assume.

Any help is much appreciated :)

I wonder if anyone else is using HEIZ machines with Mach3.

I'd like to hear their experiences with settings, acceleration, velocity, etc. I have HEIZ CNC-STEP High-Z S-1000/T, and am very satisifed with it, so far.

Basically, I've been playing with it in "safe mode" (very very slow settings), and now I'm trying to increase the XYZ speeds, in order to reduce carving times.

Since machine, supposedly, can reach very high speeds (they're mentioning 7m/min, but I'm not going to try anything even close to it :)), I wonder what speeds people use with it? I am currently having velocity (for X and Y) at 2400, and acceleration at 100, and motors sound just fine (to my newbie ears :)). (I am using metric system, btw, so velocity is in mm)

Although feed rates are defined within G-Code, it is my understanding that time required for spindle to move between places during milling job is what can slow down or speed up milling job considerably.

Or maybe someone else has similar machine, and could give me experiences with different speeds?


(EDIT: typo, not 7m/sec, 7m/min :))

General Mach Discussion / Tutorial videos in non-flash format?
« on: April 17, 2007, 05:50:35 AM »
I wonder if it is possible to obtain video tutorials in other format than SWF? Basically, main problem is that I can't forward/pause videos, thus making it impossible to see specific parts of video. I've tried using Firefox and Adobe Flash player, as well as player recommended on Mach3 support site (above the video download links).


Forgive me for asking this in General Forum.

I can not use my credit card to purchase Mach3 license (for some reason, most North American card processing providers decline transaction, even if all card/holder details are correct - I have no such troubles with European card processors). I also can't use PayPal, because my country is not listed on PayPal country page (so I can't create an account).

I have sent 2 mails, in past 3 days, to Mr. Fenerty (on email address which is specified under "Contact" menu link on website), but I've received no response.

I wonder if someone from ArfSoft can contact me via email (or PM, if you can't obtain my email address from forum registration), in order to discuss payment options (via bank transfer, most likely, but I'd need an invoice first, so I need someone from ArtSoft to contact me)?

I really apologize for posting this here, but I am desparate :) Machine has arrived and is assembled, and 1,000 lines limit is driving me and machine crazy, and I'd like to purchase the license asap.

Thank you.

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