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General Mach Discussion / Encoder assitance/info needed.
« on: November 14, 2006, 02:39:29 PM »
Hello all.

Building a gantry router and acquring pieces/parts as I can on the cheap. I recently found a pair of very nice 300-watt Sanyo-Denki servo motors I hope to use. The motors have integrated encoders. And I'm trying to determine if the encoders will work with my anticipated setup. Any advice from someone knowledgeable would be most appreciated.

I will be using Gecko 320 drives with a Bob Campbell breakout board.

I think I understand the difference between incremental and absolute encoders, and understand I need incremental encoders. The manufacturer's spec sheet on these motors, model T730-012E59, is available here: http://sanyodb.colle.co.jp/servo_e/pb/dc/

The motor nomenclature designates these encoders as "line driver output" versus "open collector output". Although there is a brief explanation and a diagram in the spec sheet I'm not sharp enough to understand the difference. There are eight wires from the encoder.

Will these encoders work with Mach3, Gecko 320s, and Bob's board? Any wiring tips?



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