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General Mach Discussion / Subtle plateaus have rough edges.. CV?
« on: July 21, 2013, 11:12:26 PM »
Hello all ...

I have been a happy mach3 user for about a year now and I've been trying out some 3D carvings lately for the first time. I've noticed something odd with very subtle elevation changes -- it's almost as if the machine isn't accounting for acceleration or something which has me thinking it may be CV ...

Here's what i'm seeing - sdc12633

And then weirdly, taller changes in elevation are crisp and very acceptable - sdc12634

Both are from the exact same carving - just different locations. I was using a 1/16" ballnose end mill, running at 80ipm (though in the steeper areas, it barely got over 25ipm) and this is what has me thinking it may be CV.

Would you guys also want to see my gcode? how about my XML file? Is this a CV thing?

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