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Hi Everyone,

My configuration is a G540 with (3) 381oz steppers using a 48V PS.  I am using an older notebook with a 2GHz P4 which isn't the fastest, but seems workable.

With the driver set at 45kHz - during a fast move (G00) it would do fine with one axis, but if two axis were moving at the same time, it would get part way and for a lack of a better act as if the machine were seized up.  All axis movement would stop and the motors would make this loud horrible noise that would continue until I pressed ESC.  At this point I would usually press the E-Stop and the motors would no longer be held.  I can freely turn all axis so the machine itself is not seized up at all.

Changing the driver kernel speed back to 25kHz solves this issue.  I can move all 3 axis at 120IPM at the same time and it sails along with no problems.

What do you think this is?  Is my system not up to the task of 45kHz?  Could the driver have a problem where it is asking the steppers to fight themselves somehow making this type of noise?  Has anyone see this type of issue before?



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