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G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Need Help on a Mcode Macro
« on: May 02, 2012, 02:45:01 PM »
I am having problems with a mcode macro which consists on the following:

'M5001 Macro
DoButton(169)  'Close Current G-Code file
LoadFile("C:\Mach3\Gcode\RR2.tap") 'Load Next G-Code File
DoButton(1000)  'Start Cycle after Loading File

What I'm trying to do is daisy chain a series of G-Code programs such that when one program completes, the next program loads, regenerates a new tool path and cycle starts without operator interaction.  The above macro (M5001) will load the G-Code file (C:\Mach3\Gcode\RR2.tap) and regenerate the new tool path, although it does not start the cycle without mousing the "Cycle Start" button.

As an option, I used the "LoadRun" command  which did successfully load and start the G-Code without mousing the "Cycle Start" button.  However this command does not regenerate a new tool path on the Tool Path screen.

What am I doing wrong?

Regards, TomR

General Mach Discussion / Parallel Port Help
« on: May 02, 2012, 10:07:43 AM »
I want to operate my router using a lap top computer.  My lap top does not have a DB25 parallel port and Mach3 does not support a USB port.  Any suggestions how I can get around this problem.

Regards, TomR

I have three (3) G-Code programs that I would like to run sequentially.  Due to the length of each program, it would be desirable to have a snippet at the end of each program to call/load and run the next G-Code program upon its completion.  Is this possible and could you provide a snippet that might accomplish this objective.

Thanks for your time, TomR

I am experiencing a racking problem on the Y axis gantry and looking for some ideas on how to correct this problem.  I am new to the blog (my first post) and assume this is a common problem which has been previously addressed.  Thus, sorry if I am kicking a dead horse.

Specifically, what I would like to do is have 2 stepper motors, each driving lead screws on either sides of the gantry.  Also I would like to have 2 homing switches such that when running a homing routine the gantry is squared to the X axis in the process.  I know Mach3 has a “slave” feature for such stepper configurations but not sure how this works or how to wire the motors and limit switches.
As background, the router has a table size of 24” square.  The hardware consists of Probotix boards (PBX-RF breakout, 3  Probostep VX drivers) and unipolar steppers.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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