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Hey guys,

Can someone please enlighten me on what I might be doing wrong.  I'm using mach 3 with Vectric aspire.  It's been a couple months since my last cut and suddenly it has a mind of it's own.  I touch off the surface of the material with Z and Zero it out.  I'm not using any tool offsets and I did verify that it is turned off.  When I start the run, Z is plunges down MUCH further than it should be.  It should be going down to my Safe Z (0.2) and going on into the program from there. 

Anyone got any ideas?


Hey guys,  let me first say that my machine runs just fine when cutting.  This problem only exists when trying to do a Ref All Home.  I run a dual drive Y axis  (Y & A).  When I do R.A.H., only the Y axis is searching for home.  'A' isn't even turning at all.  It's like it's ignoring the Slave axis function and my gantry starts to twist.  I have to kill it so it doesn't stall out my motor.  What am I doing wrong.  I can't seem to find what I'm missing here.

Thanks for any help on this.

General Mach Discussion / Always need to zero "Z" a 2nd time, Why?
« on: July 13, 2012, 03:52:12 PM »
Hey guys,  Mach 3 runs great for me with 1 exception.  It does this every time.  I always need to zero the Z axis a 2nd time.  For example, when I touch off the top of my work piece, zero out Z on the DRO, then start the run cycle, Z will go from about 100.000 or so instead of from its relative location from where I touched it off.  I repeat the whole process again,  touch off, zero out DRO....etc..  and it's fine.  Always takes that 2nd time.

Any ideas on why?

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