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 I have the zen 12X12 cnc. I have assembled the machione however I cannot get it to function. I am totally confused with the Mach3 set up and its corrollation to the machine. I am attempting to work with inches but am not sure how to configure the program. Every time I go to the Net,I get different answers and each atempt just causes more confusion. Can someone list the proper steps I should take to properly connfigure the machine. Also can someone indicate the proper wiring configtration for the power sources. Do I need two or three power sources. I would also appreciate if someone can indicate the proper way to wire the limit switches. I am a visual kinesthetic learner and would appreciate any pictures that I can follow.  Nick

General Mach Discussion / Down loaded Mach3
« on: April 26, 2012, 10:41:45 PM »
I downloaded Mach3 based on a technician from zentoolworks. My download is under Mach3 download. I am able to jog my motors and control diretion. I did notice that all tutorials show Mach3 Mill. Will my download still work or must I switch to Mach3 mill. I did notice that my screen does not have the series of dots or the red box. Must I uninstall and start again or is there a simple switch. I would appreciate any help. I also went ot test the roadrunner program but somehow turned the folder to Internetexplorer and now cannot open the gcode.any ideas.

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