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Galil / DMC-4080 on-board amp hardware questions
« on: January 10, 2014, 12:24:34 PM »
Hello forum,

I have recently purchased a surplus dmc-4080 Ethernet controller that has two amp-43140 in it.  They are the 20w brushed motor amps.  I plan on retrofitting my old stepper BOSS Bridgeport to servo motors.  I have brushless servos and AMC B30A8 amps.  I didn't realize the dmc-4080 that I was purchasing had the amps installed in it.

My questions about the dmc-4080 controller that I have are:

1.  Can I use the controller with external amps as though it didn't have the 43140 amps in it?  That is, can I configure the axises and will it output the +/-10v drive control signal or step and direction, depending on how the axis is configured, from the "external driver" DB connector?  The manual infers 'yes', but in practice how well does that work out?  Can an axis be configured as a stepper while the brushed amps are installed?  I will need three axis configured for the AMC amps and possibly an axis for the spindle and an axis as a stepper for 4th axis (rotary or 3d printer head).

2) The amp power jack is marked "+/- 20-30V"  If I use the controller without using the amps can I power the controller with a +25v supply wired to the +terminal of that connector?  Will powering it in that way harm the internal 43140 amp?

Thank you in advance.


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