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I'm upgrading from V2.6 to V3.043.062 and for some reason the DRO'S move but the steppers don't move.
I can switch back to V2 and they move.
The ports and pins have been set up identical of course.
With the exception of the limit switches, I disabled them until I figure this out.
I noticed the Mill3 xml file is formated totally different than V2, so I created a new profile.
So there is something I am missing and I can find nothing different in the V3 setup docs.

I'm using ESS smooth stepper with updated plugin and have proper status led's.
When I start V3, I do hear the steppers grab, that familiar clunk sound. But usually the ballscrew is unmovable, here I can actually turn them by hand with some effort.
I tested communication with the BOB by enabling a limit switch and see it come on in the Diagnostics screen.
So I guess I am getting no pulses.
I don't have a clue where to look next.
Included is my config file.
Someone out there seen this kind of issue?

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