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I'm new here, recently I bought a small cnc router, the machine is all aluminum and very robust, after make some test I notice the week point and added some aluminum bars on the Y axis to remove some torsion, now I think is very good mechanically. Also I'm using screws with 10mm pitch and using microstep 1/8 in the controller.

Now the problem, when I start messing a round with the router and cut stuff I was not concern with precision and tolerances, but now I'm stuck.
For example I draw a 3mm diameter circle in autocad and currently i'm using mastercan x4 that i have in work to make the nc file and all the cam work.
I draw the 3mm diameter circle create the .nc file and load the file into mach3, and what is cut is a rough circle, and the actual cut diameter is no 3mm but 2.70 or 2.80mm.

Another test that I have made was drawing a rectangular box with 20mmx2mm and the result after cutting was 20x1,7mm, but this is not consistency some times it cut 20mm other 19mm, etc.

In my x and y axis I have this setting in mach3:
- steps per:160
- velocity: 600
- acceleration: 300
- step pulse: 1
- dir pulse:1
Machine kernel is at 25000Hz, but I think that I have tried almost all the speeds

When I use fine tuning the axis, the moved distance is always different in repeated movements, if I move 15mm after fine tuning the x axis for example, I measure difference of almost 1 or more mm, for me a tolerance of 0.25 to 0.50 is acceptable, but not 1mm or more mm.

The motor and axis move freely, I donĀ“t know what to change in setting now! Or even I just can tell if this is a problem for mach3 or the controller.

One more thing if I lower the acceleration, the circles came out even worst seem that the router make the circle by moving 4 times (1 time cut a quarter then stop, cut another quarter then stop.... if I put acceleration in 300 the movements of the router are fluid.

This ate my motors:

My controller:

Can some one give me a little help?

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