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One on one phone support. / Mach3 Errors
« on: July 11, 2017, 01:05:22 PM »
I am requesting Phone support. I have Mach3 Installed on a computer running Windows XP pro. There is nothing else on this computer and is dedicated solely to run my 4' x 12' Router table. The hard drive was recently damaged due to a power surge. So I replaced the hard drive and re-installed XP pro and Mach3. There are some differences in the way that the program runs now compared to how it was prior to the power surge. My program is licensed under the name Supermarine Aircraft.
The biggest differences in the way that the program is running: I run the program using MM units.
Because my table is old and has a small sag in the middle, it requires me to reset the zero point for the z axis while in program in order to cut all the way through my material. After re-homing the z axis, it now requests a position adjustment prior to running again. This did not use to happen.
Another difference is when I am in the MDI screen and give it a basic G code like G0X1650Y600, it makes the movement to that point, but in order to bring it back home, I have to write the same Gcode in a negative, rather than G0X0Y0.
The Biggest issue is during the cutting process. It seems as though I am losing my x axis zero point. I am running stepper motors without an encoder. Yes my steps per is correct and will run down the table and back and stop in the same position each time when running basic G codes in the MDI screen.
One other issue which is a complete time waster for me is that it does not always read the feed rate in the G-code, sometimes. By this I mean, when in a cutting operation, I have the feed rate for my z axis set at 35 mm per min and the feed rate for my x and y axis set at 900mm per min. After the plunge movement, it does the cutting movements at the same feed rate as the plunge rate, but then when it picks up and moves to the next cut position, it does recognize it and cuts at normal speed. This will happen about every 2nd to 3rd time it has a plunge movement.

Your earliest help is greatly appreciated.
Best Regards,
Chad Faykus

PH:254 442 1800 Company line
PH: 325 370 6263 Personal line

General Mach Discussion / Motor Tuning Help
« on: December 12, 2011, 03:46:56 PM »
I need some help. I have been trying to get my router table to run for some time now, embarrased about the actual time. I cannot seem to get my stepper motors to run smothly while in program at all. I also got stuck trying to get a 20 yo machine to run again. I have a new computer running Mach3 software with bran new stepper motors, breakout boards, and powersupplies.

The issue I am having is that my motors, no matter how I have them tuned, Fast, slow, or otherwise. will not run in program. They will slip, grind, or jump while in the middle of a movement. It is not a contant thing either. I have run a drilling program where everything was perfect for the first 200 or so holes, then BAM its off for one reason or another. How do I fix this issue.

I have 1.8°, 200 step, 7.8 amp motors, NEMA 32 with a driver set to 10 microsteps.
My steps per is approx 390 velocity 3048 and accelll about 250.
I use MM increments.


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