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Newfangled Mill Wizard / Some points
« on: August 08, 2013, 07:21:04 AM »
by playing around I found that the  "User Gcode" and the "Custom Code" is also displayed in the toolpath window. ( what is nice)  Didn't know that before.
If you type things there what not match the syntax then the Toolpath dissapears. ( pulled some hair off because I didn't know that ) it should be mentioned anywhere.

When you type in more then  three lines of code in  "Custom Code" the OK Button dissapears when opening next time.

The corner radius is not correct in " Rectangle" ( it is double size)

 Ver. 1.011


Newfangled Mill Wizard / Metric units In drill cycle not metric in Z
« on: April 06, 2013, 05:19:32 PM »
Hi Ron,
while playing around with the wizard demo I found this.

The Z depth of both the circular pocket and the hole circle is the same in the settings.
X and Y is OK but Z seems to be inches in all drill operations. (screenshot)

BTW I really like the clean easy to use design.


General Mach Discussion / G83 cycle in turn profile
« on: December 14, 2011, 06:09:36 PM »
Hi all,
i am new in the forum, but watching it about 2 years.
Thanks to all the people who share their experience with Mach3.
I still have a small cnc lathe under construction, hope to get it done next year.

I found that there is no propperly working G83 Cycle there right now in turn profile.
So i took the existing M1083 cycle from the turn profile and had it taken to run.
I have a total of three cycles made of it.

One thats working as normal ( like in the manual ) with full retrackt.
One thats working as G73 ( high speed peck drilling ) with chip breaking.
And one where you have the possibility to make first peck value greater at the beginning, and then it is
reducing it any peck till it reach the value of #1
All words in the cycle must be given, if not it may  cause a crash.
unfortunately i can not create a alarm message if you leave the #1 or  #2 or R word away.
So take care you  give all characters as describet.
I tested so good i can to get it propper running. But anyway no guarantee at all. Everything on your own risc.
I found an issue in Mach so the cycle must not run if scaling is aktive  ( G51Z <> +1)
normally is not used in turn profile.
The cycle normally will work from any point along the Z axis from Z+ to Z- direction and
from Z- to Z+ direction.
Examples in mm
First the normal G83 cycle:
G0 X0 Z10 S1000 M3 F100
G83 Z-20 Q4 R2
You drill a hohle 20mm deep, rapid to Z+2, the feedrate will start at Z+2, 4mm Peck with full retrackt.
now the G83 cycle that is a G73 cycle.
G0 X0 Z10 S1000 M3 F100
G83 Z-20 Q 4R2 ( it is identical to the normal G83 )
You drill a hohle 20mm deep, rapid to Z+2, the feedrate will start at Z+2, 4mm Peck with chip breaking retrackt ( ~ 1 mm)
now the G83 cycle with two peck values
G0 X0 Z10 S1000 M3 F100
G83 Z-40 Q12 R2 #1=3  #2=0 ( parameter 1 reduces the value of Q, parameter 2 is the z coordinate where the hohle begins )
You drill a hohle 40mm deep, rapid to Z2, the feedrate will start at Z+2,  first 12mm Peck with full retrackt
then every peck is reduced about 3mm ( #1 value ) untill the 3mm is reached, then every peck is 3mm.
Drill a hohle from Z50 to Z10 with 2mm clearence above the Z plane may look like this.
G0 X0 Z100 S1000 M3 F100
G83 Z10 Q10 R52 #1=1.5  #2=50
Of course, only one cycle can exist in your prolile turn macro folder.
If you choosed one, copy it to your folder and rename it to M1083.m1s
If there exist already that file then move it or rename it.
hope that helps some people.

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