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General Mach Discussion / Limit switches ignored after re-install
« on: October 29, 2015, 01:37:43 AM »
Mach3 was crashing when loading some G Code files.  Failed with the white screen of death and when restarted all machine and work coordinated has changed. Them fix was to cut and paste the required text into a loaded known working file, but I tired of that.

I carefully entered all settings into a spread sheet.  I then removed all traces of Mach3, and reloaded the program from scratch.  I entered all settings and add-ons (X-Box and my script for tool zeroing) and everything worked fin again. Once I remembered to turn on the charge pump output that is.

All limit switches operate and light up as they should on the diagnostic screen.  I have three switches, one each for X, Y and Z.  They are set to act as home and limits.  The X axis switch is at the numerically high end of the axis and the "Zero" setting value and the  direction to home are set accordingly.  All this worked just fine before the reinstall.  Also the tool zero script works fine as it did before.

Now however, on Ref All Home the Z axis tries to home and zero first, heads in the correct direction (Up) but ignores the switch and crashes.  Initiating the process with the Z axis down and operating the limit switch by hand while watching the diagnostic screen has the limit lighting up correctly, but the spindle continues to climb regardless until I hit RESET.

Search as I might, I have not found this problem  on this forum.  If it is here it's playing hide and seek from me very well.

The problem must lie in a setting somewhere.  But checking carefully and experimenting careful with all the possibly relevant settings I can see, I cannot get the function to work as it was before the reinstall. And, I cannot see anything different in the setting now from those I carefully recorded in the spread sheet and by screenshot.  It is probably something simple and is staring me in the face, but in two days I have not found it.  I cannot even set the machine coordinates from their current (odd and wrong) values.

Can anyone suggest a fix please?

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