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Hi All

I have a strange problem that is hard to duplicate and is causing a lot of head ache.

I am using Mach3 , G540, Nema 23 steppers. Machine is XP pro SP3 with Pentium 4,  3.0Mhz. I bought my machine from www.cncrouterparts.com (4'x8' model)

Sometimes I can run a job and not have any issues only to run it again later to have Z suddenly half way through. It either comes down or up about around 0.25

So here is scenario I set my 0,0,0 and run my gcode. Half why through I notice the the router is cutting too deep into the material or is too high. I stop the job and goto zero, and Z is either higher or lower!!!

The gcode does not make much of a difference. But I noticed it happens more often if there are more Z movement in the gcode. Happens more often in Pocketing jobs and less in Profiling jobs.

could it be that my cables are too long? My parallel cable is 10' and motor cables are 20' each.

Any idea?

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