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Building or Buying a Wood routing table.. Beginnners guide.. / No Movement
« on: September 01, 2017, 01:43:58 AM »
Hello, My name is Lou and I live in Melbourne Australia. I have just purchase a 6040 Chinese made CNC and I have installed Mach3 demo as the running programme. The desk top computer is with Windows 7. I have configured Mach 3 as per the instructions of the seller of the machine that I purchased from.
Ok then, now when I try to jog the motors the DRO'S move fine, but I don't have nay movement on the  (Gantry Motors). I have been trying to communicate with the seller in China with out much luck. :-[ So I'm Stuck or should I say my Gantry seems to be stuck, nil movement.

If anyone could give me advise with this problem  I would be very grateful, I did try to get into CNCing some time ago, but really did not get going for one reason or another and my interest.

Thank you in advance and Regards,

Lou Gionifriddo

General Mach Discussion / Homing and Reference all not happening
« on: November 30, 2011, 06:37:45 AM »

I finally got the jogging problem solved, Thanks to all for your help.
I'm now trying to set the machine up so that I can zero the DRO'S when I toggle to machine  mode,
however it will not zero when I try. when I  jog to the centre of the table on the display mode and try to reference all, again nothing happens.

This I'm not able to do for some reason!! I also find that when I load the now famous Road runner G-Code and I actually
run it the machine, and seems to go through its paces just fine, however at the conclusion it does not return back to the home position.
The z axis stays in the lowered position as if it were going to continue to engrave, I have to manually jog this z Axis back up to the home position.
I believe I have set things up okay!! however not 100% sure. Can some one out there in CNC land offer some advise or clues to what I might be missing or doing

My thanks to all in advance for your continued help, I am very new at this and going through a learning process.


General Mach Discussion / Sound with out movement (JOG)
« on: November 13, 2011, 12:49:47 AM »
Hello I'm very new on this forum and indeed to the world of cnc Routers
My name is Lou and I have had a couple of post regarding my problem with jogging, however for some reason
I can't seem to be able to post on that thread, so i have started a new thread.

I purchased a wgit 6040 cnc machine on e-bay, I have purchase Mach3 soft ware and a second hand computer with XP windows,
so far so good. 

I then proceeded to configure the software to the specifications in the manual supplied with the machine.
I have configured the soft are as as per the attachments.

Now My problem is this when I push my arrow keys my DRO's indicate movement . All okay to this stage.
Next I turn on my driver and try to jog the axis on the machine, movement is indicated on the DRO'S but I get no movement out of the machine on any of the axis,
all I get is a grinding sound from my z axis motor as if its trying to move but its not able to or something is holding it back.

Please advise me, if should be doing something else or am I doing something that is creating my problem.

Lou :( :-\

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