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General Mach Discussion / first run with mach3
« on: September 22, 2011, 12:18:08 AM »
dear seniors ,help me.

I start to install mach program for my diy cnc mill . there are every thing can run at the demo mode  at my pc (mean =can run the program sither with MDI mode ,the dro /axis can move ),

I connect my pc to my break out bord and stepper driver. but there are not running .

I check at driver test at my computer ,there is ok.(24850-25... pulse per second)

I check out put volt at break board ,there is only 0.8 v on mach tutorial this should 5 v.

on mach tutorial .on engine configuration port & pin  ,motor outputs .there is X axis =pin 2 ,dir pin =3
                                                                                                            y axis =      4,          =5
                                                                                                            z       =     6             = 7

but at my pc there is  x=2 ,y =3 z=4 dit x=6,y=7,z=8 .

how to check the output pin number  correct ?

what 'll I do for the begining with mach ?

pls advise.

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