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General Mach Discussion / Beginner question - Mach Input
« on: October 19, 2011, 09:18:58 PM »
I have installed the demo version of Mach3 on a PC and I have a breakout board connected to the printer port.  I want to connect an E-Stop switch as my next step.  In section 4.14 of the Mach3 Software Installation and Configuration Manual there is a sample schematic.  On the upper right hand of that schematic there is a line "To E-Stop Input".  My question is where do I connect that line on the breakout board?  Do I use one of the breakout board inputs, pins 10-13 and 15?  

Attached is a picture of my breakout board.  Thanks to Chuck Hoelzen.


General Mach Discussion / Getting started with Mach3
« on: September 23, 2011, 03:24:35 PM »
Hello group-
I was recently introduced to Mach3 by a friend who has a small engraver that is run with Mach3.  He and I also have a CNC Masters Baron CNC tabletop mill.  He has had his for ~10 years, I bought mine this past March.  I know how to use it and I am a competent machinist.  I am considering replacing the Master XU software with Mach3.

I have read the Mach3 Controller Software & Configuration Manual.  I also bought and read David Benson's book, CNC Solutions for the Experimenter.  I want to go slowly and understand what I'm doing and how it works as I go.  So I want to start with something that I can attach to my existing machine to display actual spindle RPM.  I believe an encoder will do this.  I don't think I would have problems with mounting the encoder (or other suitable pickup) to the machine - that part is mechanical.  I understand the general concept is to count pulses as it rotates but I have no idea what device, software, breadboards, cabling, power supply ... I would need or want.  And can I make the actual RPM display on a Mach3 screen?

Can someone recommend hardware that I can buy to measure actual spindle RPM?

Thanks in advance

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