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Appologies if this is in the wrong forum...

I'm using Ger21's MACH3 2010 Screensets. The problem is with my X Axis, which is driven by 2 motors (one on each side of gantry - so X axis and A axis). A is the slave axis. I have been using the Auto Homing routine provided with the 2010 Screensets for a couple of years without any problems.

However, today... I hit the REF all home button and when it started to home my X Axis, the A motor didn't respond, but the X motor did. I tested it and the A Axis does work with both jogging and using G Code - Just not for Homing... 

I checked the Config settings to make sure that the A Axis is still correctly configured for homing, and it is.

Anyone come across this one before? I haven't changed any settings and it's been working for years...

Please and Thanks!


General Mach Discussion / Homing problem
« on: November 07, 2011, 09:08:16 AM »
I have a dual drive stepper system and am using micro switches as home/limit switches. I have them set up as active low on my X and A axes. Homing works if I disable the A axis switch (in mach3 ports/pins) and check home A axis with X axis in config. When I uncheck that and enable the A axis switch the machine runs both axes toward the switches as expected but when the switches are engaged the X axes backs off and stops as expected but the A axis keeps backing off, stalling the motor. Any ideas on why the A axis might fail to stop when its home switch is disengaged?
Your thoughts appreciated.

General Mach Discussion / Rapids not reaching max speed
« on: September 27, 2011, 10:34:31 AM »

I am running a 6'x11' router with 1000 oz-in steppers (dual x) using Mach3. I think I have a set up problem. My max velocity in motor tuning is 1000 in/min on x axis and 500 on y axis. When I shift-jog I get up to 1000 in/min on x and 500 on y.

However, when I am running from G code the G0 rapid moves are slow. Sometimes slower than the cutting speed. At first I noticed in general config  that I has "Lock Rapid FRO to Feed FRO" checked and I thought that was it but there was no change in the behavior after unclicking it.

Any ideas?

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